Strength in numbers

StrengthInNumbersIf you’re looking to get a clearer picture of your overall health, take a number. In fact, take several: blood pressure, total cholesterol, cholesterol ratio, blood sugar levels and waist circumference. There is perhaps no better indicator of wellness than what is revealed in these measurements.

If better health isn’t enough to motivate you to know your numbers, here is something else you can count on: a healthier wallet. The City of Kansas City, Mo., is rewarding City employees who are proactive about their health and take part in the Biometric Screening and Health Risk Assessment. By simply completing a Biometric Screening and online Health Risk Assessment, the employee will receive a $10 per month health insurance premium differential, totaling $120 savings for the year, and a free Garmin VivoFit.

Opportunities to complete the assessment and screening will begin in May. You can qualify for the reduced insurance premiums if you are a current City of Kansas City employee on a Blue Cross and Blue Shield health care plan.

Good measure

In addition to providing a better picture of your overall health, knowing your numbers could literally be a lifesaver. Participating in a health screening could identify potential health concerns.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, certain diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure often do not exhibit symptoms until there is a problem. By detecting these conditions early, doctors are better able to use preventive measures and treatments. A simple blood pressure check could help save your life.

Make it count

Saving money on health benefits is a nice reward, but the real benefit of these screenings involves the other numbers — those you get in your screening and assessment. Those are the numbers that may really save you.

All personal health information received from the Biometric Screening and Health Risk Assessment are confidential; the City of Kansas City, Mo., only receives aggregate (summary of the results) data. Federal law prohibits the City of Kansas City, Mo., from receiving health information on individual employees from these screenings. Your information will be sent to the third-party provider operating the screening events. Under federal law, such providers are prohibited from giving the City of Kansas City, Mo., any person-specific information.