Holiday survival guide

4_HolidaySurvivalGuideWhile the experts don’t agree on precisely how much weight Americans, on average, will gain this holiday season (a few pounds to an entire size), one thing is for sure: holiday weight gain happens—and the time to start planning for it is now.

Join Kathy Barry, registered dietitian for the City of Kansas City, Mo., as she walks you through her Holiday Survival Guide at a Lunch and Learn. Here, you’ll learn strategies for making better food choices during the holidays and ways to stay more active.

Learning how to minimize weight gain during the holidays could be the key to staying healthy all year long, especially considering that many Americans never lose holiday weight once they gain it, according to a report by Fox News.

“Gaining just a pound or two of fat may seem miniscule, but to put just one pound in perspective, think about tacking 16 ounces of shortening or four sticks of butter onto your frame. Plus, other studies show that most of us never lose that holiday padding, possibly because after abandoning New Year’s resolutions, many people gain back all (or more) of the weight they lose. This ‘weight creep’ is what leads to most Americans packing on about 10-20 pounds each per decade,” according to the report.

That is very disappointing news for those who rely on the mantra. “I’m going on a diet when the New Year begins,” to justify their indulgencies during the holidays.

Psychology Today reports that there are several reasons that people fail to make good on their New Year’s resolutions. Timothy Pychyl, a professor of psychology at Carlton University, says that one reason is that the resolutions are a sort of “cultural procrastination,” and are for people who aren’t ready to change their habits.

There is, however, one element that can help put you in the top percentiles of those who are successful at keeping their resolutions: make them specific and measureable. Declare how much weight you want to lose and specify how long you’ll give yourself to do so.

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