What’s cooking?

1_WhatsCookingIf you’re looking to spice up your weekly menu, you won’t want to miss the latest cooking show with Kathy Barry, registered dietitian for the City of Kansas City, Mo.

“Farmer Steve from our CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) came to my kitchen and we cooked up the weekly delivery of fresh produce,” says Barry. “We prepared a Tex-Mex stuffed zucchini and Gold Bar squash. It was a beautiful, colorful dish made with turkey, black beans, tri-colored peppers, onions and garlic, homemade salsa and a jalapeno pepper for zip. We topped it with a sprinkling of Colby Jack cheese and baked it to perfection.”

Next, the two made some Japanese eggplant in a simple sauté with some of Farmer Steve’s onions and garlic. “We seasoned it with a local spice blend called Gentleman Farmer—apropos for the day,” says Barry.

The cooking demonstration, which you can watch at your convenience online at Time to Be Well, is just one in a series that Barry has recorded for the City. What began as a “one-and-done” project has grown to more than 20 episodes, during which Barry walks you step-by-step through some of her favorite recipes, describing how to make good-tasting, healthy food.

“Making these videos is so much fun! They have become quite popular and certainly are enjoyable to create, thanks to our fantastic communication team and our willing guests,” says Barry. “And the most fun is when we have guests in the kitchen who bring knowledge and experience and creativity to the program.”

Cook with confidence

If you are a beginner cook who is intimidated by the thought of trying to follow online instruction, don’t be. Barry’s demonstrations are appropriate for all skill levels, whether you’re an accomplished cook looking for some new recipes or a newbie who wants to take control of your kitchen.

“These videos all are focused on simple, healthy, delicious meals that can be prepared easily for individuals or a family. The recipes are inexpensive and do not require elaborate equipment or skill,” Barry says.

“Cooking is simple and fun! All you have to do is start with some fresh and wholesome ingredients and prepare them in a straightforward way,” she says. “Nothing complicated, just good. I think we sometimes overthink cooking. It’s really a fun, relaxing and enjoyable hobby, and it speaks generosity and love to those it feeds. It’s good for the soul!”

Barry’s Time to Be Well videos can be viewed at kcmo.gov (search for Time to Be Well), or you can find them by doing a general Internet search for Time to Be Well and they will pop up in a YouTube link. This particular segment will be available to view in early November.