Making mammograms a mobile event

Save the date for a March mammogramNew for 2017: The City of Kansas City is turning routine mammograms into an event! The Fountain of Health Wellness Program (FOH) has partnered with Diagnostic Imaging to offer City employees the convenience of mobile mammograms.

The first mobile mammogram event will be held at the KCMO Health Department on March 30 from 9-5 p.m.  This event is open only to the City of Kansas City, Missouri, employees, spouses, and retirees.

Here are some things to know when deciding whether to participate in this event:

  • When scheduling your mammogram, tell the scheduler that the appointment is on the mobile coach for March 30 at the KCMO Health Department.
  • Women 35-39 years of age are eligible for a screening baseline mammogram. Patients in this age range must have a signed order from their referring provider.
  • Your most recent screening mammogram should be 12 months or more prior to the current mammogram for insurance coverage reasons.
  • You should complete the Breast Imaging Form and bring it to your appointment. If you have had a prior mammogram from a provider other than Diagnostic Imaging, you should complete the Medical Records Release Form and bring that to your appointment as well. You also will need your insurance card and a credit/debit card (no cash or checks) if you elect to pay the $55 fee for a 3D screening (if your insurance doesn’t cover 3D).
  • On the day of your mammogram, please refrain from wearing deodorant, lotion of perfume from the waist up. Also, wear a two-piece outfit so you don’t have to fully disrobe.

To schedule your appointment, call 816-444-9989 OR 913-344-9989.

Mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early. The American Cancer Society recommends that women who are at average risk for breast cancer begin mammograms at age 45, but adds that women should have the choice to start screening with yearly mammograms as early as age 40 if they wish.

If you have a family history of breast cancer, you may want to be screened even earlier. Talk to your doctor about when you should begin having mammograms and how often.