Work Comp program getting favorable reviews

When the Kansas City Health Care Trust took over responsibility for the City’s Workers’ Compensation (Work Comp) Program last May, it did so with two goals in mind: Spend health care dollars more appropriately and improve the employee experience with Work Comp. Early feedback shows that the Trust is succeeding at both.

At the Trust’s meeting on July 11, Debbie Hosty, department vice president, Large Group Market, at Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Blue KC) of Kansas City, presented a Work Comp Program Update as well as a Work Comp Employee Satisfaction Survey.

In May and June, a few hundred City employees used the program. Of these, about a quarter required no treatment. About 100 employees required minor medical treatment. The remaining employees (about 50) required more serious treatment and were assigned a claims adjustor at Blue KC.

The satisfaction survey offered to employees indicates that about 70 percent are satisfied with the overall experience they had with the new Work Comp process. The Trust expects this number will grow as more feedback is collected.

Some of the most encouraging results of the survey had to do with getting injuries resolved in a timely manner. This was a key complaint with the previous Work Comp process and one that led to much employee dissatisfaction. The new survey reflects that employees are more satisfied with receiving care for their injuries in a timely manner.

Hosty also read through a number of positive comments they have received about the new Work Comp process.

“Totally shocked the adjuster team was working at 7:30 on a Friday night to help get a prescription filled.” —comment from a Kansas City Fire Department firefighter

“You.Are.Awesome! It is a pleasure to work with you.” —City Legal team member on working with Blue KC adjuster

The Trust will continue to monitor and make improvements to the process as it looks to increase efficiency and employee experience along the way.