HealthyU eNewsletter 2011


November 17

  • Kathy Barry knows nutritionUnless you are planning to hibernate this winter, there is no good reason for putting on winter weight. Instead, schedule some time with Kathy Barry, registered dietician for the City of Kansas City, MO, and let her teach you how to put an end to cool-weather comfort-food cravings. Read More
  • Be all ears when it comes to your eyesYour eyes may be the windows to your soul, but they also are an indicator of your overall health. If you have an underlying health problem, experts agree that it often can be seen in your eyes even before it manifests itself in other symptoms. Read More
  • Feeling stuffed? Don’t be a turkey this ThanksgivingIn the fall of 1621, the Pilgrims held a three-day feast to celebrate a bountiful harvest. That feast probably paled in comparison to the indulgent 3,000-calorie meal the typical American will eat this Thanksgiving, all in one sitting. Read More
  • ADA asking for a show of handsNovember is American Diabetes Month and the American Diabetes Association wants to know: Will you raise your hand to stop diabetes? Read More
  • Myth buster: AntibioticsAntibiotics aren't always the answer. Using antibiotics when they are not needed causes some bacteria to become resistant to the antibiotic, making the same medicine less effective in situations when you really need it. Read More
  • Smear campaignThe latest advice on when to get a Pap test is different than that from a few years ago. Today, experts are recommending fewer tests for women who regularly get normal results from the test. Read More
  • $1 OTC drug benefit changesOTC-Meds-KCMO October 2011 Read More

October 27

  • Gwen Dunlap: Take a walk on the well sideIf your motivation to be healthy never returned from summer vacation, it may be time to call on Gwen Dunlap, City of Kansas City, MO, Fountain of Health wellness coordinator. Read More
  • Keeping out-of-pocket in handYou can't put a price tag on good health. But spending more than you have to on good health care won't make you feel any better. If you are using the emergency room, urgent care or seeing your doctor for services provided by the Kansas City Healthcare Trust Employee Clinic, you are paying too much. Read More
  • Knowledge is powerWhether you are thinking of quitting smoking, wanting to eat healthier or learn more about managing your blood pressure, the City of Kansas City's Fountain of Health (FOH) Wellness Program can help. Read More
  • Secretly sweetOf all the bad-for-you foods we put in our mouths, sugar is potentially the worst. Not only will it add pounds, decay teeth and wreak havoc on insulin production, it's now linked to other chronic diseases, even increasing our risk for cancer. Read More
  • Power struggleShorter days have you feeling sluggish? Try a few of these energy-boosting tips recommended by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Read More

September 20

  • Andrew Shields: Making you a master of your own wellnessIf you're constantly self-sabotaging your health and wellness goals, Andrew Shields can help. As the health and wellness coach for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City (BCBSKC), Shields can help you figure out what prompted past failures and guide you toward making new health goals, getting you back on track as the master of your own wellness. Read More
  • Diagnosing is not DIYYou're not a doctor, and you probably don't even play one on TV. So why do you feel the need to diagnose your health problems? Read More
  • Go bananas this monthYou may be all green when it comes to recycling, but what about your dinner plate? If you aren't getting a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables at each meal, now is a great time to step it up. September is "Fruits & Veggies — More Matters" month, a health initiative from the Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH). Read More
  • Have you washed your hands today?In a study published by for its Clean Hands Campaign, one in six people still is not practicing good hand hygiene. Read More
  • Flu Shot ClinicsWhy live in fear of catching the flu this winter when you can get a preventative shot at no cost to you? The City has scheduled flu shot clinics throughout October for BCBSKC members. Click here to view flu shot clinic dates, and hours and learn how to register. Read More

August 25

  • Jody Emma: Improving quality of life one patient at a timeThirty-three years in the health care profession has taught Jody Emma, RN, BSN, a little something about personalized care for patients. Read More
  • Free back-to-school immunizationsYou've gotten everything your kids need to start school this month: the back-to-school clothes, the hard-to-find school supplies, the perfect lunch boxes. But if your students aren't up to date on their immunizations, they aren't really ready to head back into the classroom. Read More
  • Reading the signs of sinusitisIf your self-diagnosed cold seems to linger, or if seasonal allergies are hanging on well past their season, what you may really have is a sinus infection (sinusitis). Read More
  • Using your headWhether it's a pick-up game of soccer on the playground or a school-organized football game, your student will have opportunities to participate in any number of sports this school year. In the U.S., about 30 million children and teens participate in some form of organized sports, and about 3.5 million injuries occur each year as a result. Read More

July 28

  • Fountain of HealthIf your resolution to have a healthy summer is beginning to wane, the City of Kansas City's Fountain of Health (FOH) Wellness Program could be just what the doctor ordered. Whether you're looking for inspiration or hoping to learn some new tips for keeping fit, the program offers instruction that will help you stay the course. Read More
  • DiSTRESS signalsYour stress ball called. It's asking for mercy. While periods of intense stress come and go for most people, if you're dealing with excess stress on a daily basis, it can take a toll on you not just emotionally, but physically, as well. Read More
  • New food pyramid is well-roundedGoodbye food pyramid, hello plate. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has traded the traditional food pyramid, which was introduced in 1992, for a round plate icon, MyPlate, that is designed to remind Americans to eat healthier. Read More
  • Word of MouthWhen your dentist tells you to brush twice and day and floss, you should take that advice to heart. The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) is reporting research findings that support what dental professionals have long suspected: infections in the mouth can play havoc in the body, and have been linked to heart disease. Read More
  • Recognizing a strokeStroke warning signs can include: Read More
  • Counting caloriesExercise disguised as fun is a great way to get in a workout this summer or simply burn a few extra calories so you won't feel guilty about indulging a little more at mealtime. Here, Prevention magazine adds up the calories you could burn each hour while enjoying a day outdoors. Read More

July 14

June 23

  • Play it safeAre you at risk for diabetes? Is your cholesterol normal? How is your blood pressure? If you don't know, it's easy to find out. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) offers a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA); use it to answer these questions and more, in a matter of minutes. Read More
  • Feeling the burnGet a little too much sun? If you didn't apply your sunscreen as thoroughly as you should have or you've gotten stuck somewhere without it, the evidence of a day in the sun will be written all over your face. Pink skin, fever … we've all been there. Read More
  • Earn 4 free prescriptionsStill over-paying for prescription drugs? Save money by using Express Scripts for your maintenance drugs (medicines taken regularly for long-term conditions). Read More
  • Seeing starsFireworks season is practically upon us. You've probably already noticed roadside stands packed with people getting their bottle rockets, Roman candles and reloadable mortars to use in celebration of Independence Day. It's all fun and games, until someone gets hurt. Read More
  • As a matter of factFeeling the cool grass or hot sand on your bare feet is one of warm-weather's biggest perks. Foregoing footwear, however, can be risky, especially if your tetanus shot isn't up to date. Read More

June 9

  • An ounce of preventionThese days we know that it takes a lot more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away. From immunizations and routine check-ups to tests and screenings, routine preventive care is important. Read More
  • Freedom fightersBy next month, you could be celebrating a whole new sense of freedom on Independence Day with the help of "Tobacco Free & Healthy," a six-week tobacco-cessation program offered by the City of Kansas City. Read More
  • Have you heard?Swimmer's ear can have you running from the water faster than from a hungry shark. Well, maybe not quite, but it certainly can sideline your plans to make a splash this summer. Read More
  • Taking the heatIt's not the heat, it's the humidity. Anyone who has lived through a single summer in Kansas City knows this to be true. While the humidity can make a hot day feel even worse, it also can put you at real risk for heat-related illness. Read More
  • Myth buster"Wait half an hour after eating before going swimming." Melissa Stoppler, M.D., says that this myth involves the possibility of suffering severe muscle cramping and drowning from swimming on a full stomach. Read More

May 26

  • Doctor’s ordersWhen you're sick, getting some relief of symptoms is secondary only to getting a diagnosis of what is causing them. But a prescription isn't always the answer. Read More
  • Dealing with diabetesEvery 17 seconds, another person is diagnosed with diabetes. Read More
  • Fitting inShorts a little snug this season? The semi-yearly changing out of closets can be a good barometer of your weight, especially for those who aren't in the habit of stepping on the scale. Read More
  • Made in the shadeSure, sunglasses make you look cool, but they go beyond being just another accessory for your favorite outfit. Sunglasses are an essential tool for preserving your eyesight and protecting you from harmful ultraviolet rays that can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts or even corneal sunburn. Read More
  • Picnic pointersMemorial Day signals the beginning of the picnic season. While eating al fresco is a refreshing break from the confinement of indoor dining, take care to ensure that your food stays safe to eat. Read More

May 12

  • Under pressure? Keep things in checkMay is National High Blood Pressure Education Month and this year's theme highlights the threat of uncontrolled hypertension. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) urges Americans: "If your blood pressure is not lower than 140/90, ask your doctor why." Read More
  • Sunscreen: Not just for the poolBy now, you know that sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine. Regardless of your skin tone, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends that everyone wear a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 year-round. Read More
  • Networking is inThe doctor may be in, but is he in-network? Before you schedule your next doctor's appointment, check to see if you're using someone who is a part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) network. Doing so can save you money in out-of-pocket fees. Read More
  • The path to good healthAfter what has been an unseasonably cool spring, warmer weather is finally here, and with it an invitation to take your exercise routine outdoors. Whether you're just beginning or ready for that 5K you've always wanted to take part in, there is no better time to challenge yourself and improve your health. Read More
  • Learn to live “Tobacco Free & Healthy”Several City sites will be offering "Tobacco Free & Healthy," a six-week tobacco cessation program, this summer. Read More

April 21

  • What is your emergency?Are you worried about your insurance premiums going up? Most everyone is. One reason insurers have to raise rates is because employees in the program perhaps rush to the emergency room (ER), when an office or clinic visit would suffice. Read More
  • Home-filled advantageThanks to Express Scripts Pharmacy home delivery, your to-do list just got a little shorter. Read More
  • Get the go-ahead for summer sports and campsSitting around the house for another summer? Not your kids. Instead, you have proactively enrolled them in some summer activities and camps in hopes of not hearing the words, "I'm bored" even a single time. Read More
  • Taste the rainbowWarmer weather signals the time to put away the comfort-food recipes and replace them with meal plans of lighter fare, which should include fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of them. Read More

April 7