HealthyU eNewsletter 2012


November 29

  • Fight holiday fatIt's not uncommon to gain weight during the holidays. Big meals, lots of sweet snacks: It adds up. If the thought of a few extra pounds isn't something you can stomach, so to speak, you'd better get your game plan in order now. Read More
  • One-of-a-kind diabetes helpLooking for a whole new way to deal with your diabetes? One that doesn't involve sifting through tons of information that doesn't pertain to you? If you're been searching for an easier way to find the answers and support you need, it's here, and it's about to get personal. Read More
  • No laughing matterIf you struggle with depression, transitioning from summer to fall and winter can often mark the beginning of a very long season. Winter’s shorter days, gray skies and colder temperatures mean more days indoors, which can trigger feelings of isolation, inviting depression. Seasonal depression, often called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a depression that occurs […] Read More
  • Don’t miss the deadline for Allstate’s wellness benefitsAs you run down your to-do list for December, there is one chore you won't mind adding: Get money from Allstate. If you are covered under Allstate's insurance with a Critical Illness policy or Accident policy, you have until Dec. 31, 2012, to qualify for a wellness benefit that will put cash in your pocket. Read More

September 27

July 26

  • Fiber fights diabetesBy now, you probably know that fiber is an important part of any diet. It is best known for its ability to get things moving, digestively speaking. But recent studies show that fiber, especially soluble fiber, can also actually help prevent type 2 diabetes or, for those who already have it, can help keep blood glucose levels in check. Read More
  • FDA sheds light on sunscreensThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes that sunscreen should do more than shield you from harmful UV rays, it should shield you from misleading labels, as well. The FDA has told manufacturers that they must amend or revise their labels, removing exaggerated claims or wording that can be mislead consumers. Read More
  • Stuck in the middleOne of the most important health tests out there doesn't require a visit to your health care provider. All you need is a tape measure, and the nerve to use it. Your waist circumference can be a key indicator to your overall health, even if you are within your target weight range. Read More
  • Tackling sports physicals in time for schoolDon't sideline your kids this fall because they don't have the paperwork to play sports. Make sure they are ready for the starting lineup by scheduling a sports physical today. Read More
  • Dodging diabetesMore than 25.8 million children and adults in the U.S. — that's 8.3 percent of the population — have diabetes. Most have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the most common type, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More

May 29

  • Making the most of your medsPop quiz: If a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, how many spoonfuls is the average American taking each day? A lot. Especially when compared to what they were taking 10 years ago. Read More
  • BikeShareKC coming to downtownYour summer just got a little healthier. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) has partnered with BikeWalkKC, the region's bike and pedestrian advocacy organization, to bring bike sharing to Kansas City through a program called BikeShareKC. Read More
  • Survey saysThe City of Kansas City Health Care Trust thanks those of you who participated in a recent survey regarding health care. We are constantly striving to optimize health care and convenience and will use this information to continue to improve the clinic experience at our employee clinic. Read More
  • No-guilt sweet treat for summerThere is nothing sweeter than beating the summer heat with a cool treat. But for many who suffer from diabetes, cooling off with an old-fashioned ice cream cone or milkshake doesn't fit in very well with a low-sugar diet. Or does it? Read More
  • Back it upPosture check: Are you slouching in your computer chair right now? If so, you may be one of the 80 percent of Americans who will suffer from low back pain at least once in their lives. To build a better back, follow these tips from the Arthritis Foundation. Read More

March 26

  • Measuring up and cashing inThe numbers don't lie. While you may feel completely healthy, only your numbers can reveal what is really going on with your body: blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels, height, weight, body fat and your waist circumference are the best indicators of overall health and a true measure of wellness. Read More
  • Get to the pointsIf you've been working out lately like it's your job, you could, in fact, be getting paid for it. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City's (Blue KC) program Points to Blue is designed to reward you for healthy activities, from daily exercise to your annual physical. Read More
  • Hit the snooze buttonIt's no coincidence that when you sleep better, you feel better. Tip-top health means getting, for adults, between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. That well-rested feeling you get after a good night's sleep is a good indicator that it is impacting your health. Read More
  • A tale of two patientsSure, spending time with your doctor is always a good idea. But let's face it, logging face time with your primary-care physician isn't always convenient and comes at a price. (Copay, anyone?). It's often hard to schedule a same-day appointment and wait times can rival that of the line to the restrooms at Arrowhead. Read More
  • Feeling your oatsMost famous for their appearance in your bowl at breakfast, oats have proven themselves worthy of cameos in your other meals as well. These heart-healthy little grains help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level and also rid cholesterol from your digestive tract. To expand the use of oats in your day, try this recipe from HyVee. Read More

January 26

  • What are you waiting for?If you're sick, the emergency room is no place for you. Really, for common ailments or minor injuries, you'll be farther down on their list of priorities, meaning you'll be subject to longer wait times, and sitting around in the ER waiting sure won't make you feel any better. Read More
  • Getting ahead of the gameIt may be cold now, but warmer weather and outdoor activities will be here before you know it. Shorten your springtime to-do list by getting a jump on scheduling your child's sports physicals that could carry them through their summer activities and camps. Read More
  • Decoding diabetesIf you have diabetes, you’re not alone. Up to 20 percent of City of Kansas City employees have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Learning to live with it means taking an active role in managing this disease. Unmanaged or mismanaged diabetes can have devastating consequences, leading to heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, even amputations. Managed actively, […] Read More
  • Fitness Source puts an end to excusesWhen it comes to exercise, everyone has an excuse for not hitting the gym, and Tara Jarvis, health promotion specialist for Fitness Source, has heard them all. Don't have time? Too expensive? Inconvenient? Those excuses are no longer valid. Read More
  • Everybody. Everyday: A physical activity challengeExperts agree that three to four weeks is all the time you need to make a habit automatic, and consistency is critical if you want to make it stick. So if you're looking to be more physically active this year, the City is extending a challenge that will help you reach that goal, and reward you for sticking with it. Read More