HealthyU eNewsletter 2013


December 19

  • Put your money where your mouth isHealthy teeth and gums are a great reason to smile. But for half of Americans over the age of 30, smiles are in short supply. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of two people in the U.S. over age 30 have periodontal disease. Having gum disease is only part […] Read More
  • Win for losingIf your New Year’s resolution for 2014 includes getting fit, losing weight and being healthy, you may want to add “and win big money doing it.” The City of Kansas City’s Fountain of Health (FOH) is offering you the chance to win $10,000 for losing weight by taking part in HealthyWage, a fun, simple weight-loss […] Read More
  • Quitting (and admitting) for goodSmoking harms nearly every organ in the body. It can cause cancer, contribute to heart disease and is the No. 1 cause of preventable disease and death worldwide. So why are people still smoking? It’s hard to quit. And these days, as hard as it is to quit, it’s even a harder to admit you’re […] Read More
  • House callsIt’s now easier than ever to keep your medication management in-house. If you take monthly maintenance medications for ongoing conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and asthma, you can get those prescriptions delivered directly to you, all while saving one-third on the costs. With Select Home Delivery from Express Scripts Pharmacy, you pay […] Read More

September 26

  • Cook this, not that!If your kitchen could use a healthy dose of something good to eat but all you have are your grandma's lard-laden recipes, it's time to seek professional help. Join Registered Dietician Kathy Barry for lessons in kitchen survival with Cook This, Not That! Read More
  • Flu shots for freeFall is full of fun activities from football to festivals, but it's also associated with the start of a not-so-fun thing: flu season. While flu activity most commonly peaks in January or February, seasonal flu activity can begin as early as October. Read More
  • Step on itIf you're following your GPS, then you're definitely headed in the right direction. The Great Pedometer Step-off (GPS), a fitness challenge for all City of Kansas City, Mo., employees, is a great way to improve your fitness with friends and co-workers, while winning prizes along the way. Read More
  • Taking Your TimeGood morning, Kansas City! The Kansas City Health Care Trust Employee Clinic is now open earlier so that employees can drop by on their way to work. Read More

July 23

  • Men’s health: Operating at Peak PerformanceAbout 70 percent of men find it easier to care for their cars than for their personal health, according to findings from a new survey of 501 men ages 45 to 65 commissioned by Men's Health Network and Abbott. Read More
  • Women: Take Care of YouWomen are great caretakers. A woman takes care of her children, her spouse, her aging parents, her house, her job — everyone and everything but herself. Yet, a recent study reports that more than half of women recognize that their health is in poor shape. What gives? Read More
  • Simplify snackingGuilt-free foods typically aren't offered at the press of a button. They require some shopping, slicing and overall planning ahead. But when a vending machine is your only option, it doesn't have to derail your diet. Read More
  • Enroll in August for additional insurance protection with AllstateThe element of surprise is a great thing for movies, sports and birthdays, but not when it comes to your health. Help protect yourself from the unexpected by opting for additional insurance coverage offered to benefits-eligible City of Kansas City, Mo., employees and their families. Read More

May 29

  • Fill ‘er up: Pay less for prescriptions with Select Home DeliveryMedication management has never been easier or cheaper. If you take monthly maintenance medications for ongoing conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and asthma, you can save 30 percent on prescription costs by choosing Select Home Delivery. Read More
  • Take two: Reduce your 2013-2014 health care premiumsGood health is its own reward, but the Kansas City Health Care Trust is upping the ante for City of Kansas City, Mo., employees who are proactive about their health. Complete a biometric health screening and online Health Risk Assessment and the Health Care Trust will reduce your health care insurance premiums by $10 each month, for a total yearly savings of $120. Read More
  • Losing itSome City of Kansas City employees are tightening up their belts this month … And they couldn't be more pleased. They have lost a combined total of 574 pounds since joining an at-work Weight Watchers program, coordinated by the City of Kansas City's Fountain of Health (FOH) Wellness Program. Read More
  • Keep calm and carry onMoney, work, the economy … There is no shortage of things that can stress us out on any given day. And while some stress is actually good for you, feeling helpless or overwhelmed all the time can chip away at your health. Read More

January 31

  • Better late than neverIf you haven't yet gotten a flu shot this year, it's not too late, says Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). "It's better late than never," he explained. Read More
  • Cutting costs for prescriptionsPrescription costs can be a tough pill to swallow. Even if you have excellent insurance that covers prescriptions, your copay for some drugs can be as much as $100. Read More
  • How’s that working out?Your quest for a healthier you in 2013 doesn't have to be a lonely one. In fact, researchers agree you're significantly more likely to stick with a fitness program if accountability is involved. Read More
  • Keeping cholesterol in checkThere may be some good news in the world of heart health. A new study reports that cholesterol levels have gone down among Americans over the past 10 years. Read More