Complete your 2019 Biometric Screening and Health Risk Assessment NOW!

The Fountain of Health Staff and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) have worked together to provide you with more time to complete your annual Biometric Screening and Health Risk Assessment (HRA). This does not mean you have time to procrastinate, it means you can do it NOW! 

Who can participate in the Biometric Screening and HRA? The Biometric Screening and HRA are only available to active City employees who are the primary card holders for the City’s BCBS medical insurance.

What do I get for completing the requirements this year? In addition to the potential for greater health and wellness, those completing both requirements: the Biometric Screening and the HRA by June 30, 2019, will receive a $30.00 per month wellness credit = $360 per year (pending FY20 budget approval). This is a $120 increase from last year.

How long do I have to complete both requirements? You have from January 2, 2019 – June 30, 2019.*No exceptions – you have nearlysix months to get both requirements done, but don’t delay!*

Below is more information on the requirements:

Health Risk Assessment (HRA): You will need a computer, laptop, iPad, or phone with internet capabilities, as well as your BCBS username and password for either the BCBS website or the phone app. If you have forgotten your password, you must contact BCBS’s Customer Service number on the back of your insurance card – 816-395-2969,  or you can click forgot username/password on the BCBS website or app and it can be reset. Once you have your username and password you will:

1.      Visit or download the Blue KC – A Healthier You App. *Use Chrome as your browser.

2.      Enter your BCBS username and password, and click LOG IN. If you are a first time visitor, click REGISTER NOW. Be sure to have your member ID card available to reference.

3.      Once logged in, click on A HEALTHIER YOU from the MY HOME page.

4.      First time users will be prompted to complete the registration questions.

5.      See the attached for a visual of the app and where to find the link for the Health Risk Assessment.

Biometric Screening (Off-site):

You can do this at your personal physician’s office, at the Health Care Trust Clinic located in the Health Department at 2400 Troost, or by visiting the Health Care Trust Kiosk located at City Hall, 8th floor west side. You must:

1.      Print the Physician Submission Form (PSF form) off your BCBS portal or the attached form included in this email. This form can also be found at the Health Care Trust Clinic and Health Care Trust Kiosk or with Jill Monroe.

2.      Make an appointment with your physician, the clinic, or with the kiosk.

a.      You must make an appointment at the Health Care Trust Kiosk by calling 816-513-8870.

b.      You must make an appointment with the Health Care Trust Clinic by calling 816-513-6001.

3.      Have the physician or the nurse fill-out the PSF completely.

4.      Tell the physician or nurse to scan your PSF to the number at the top of the form under “Criteria and Instructions.”

5.       Confirmation of completion will be emailed to your BCBS portal within two weeks of completing the screening. If you do not see a confirmation, you can contact the BCBS customer service number on the back of your card.

If you need assistance, including finding the right place to go on the website or app, contact or 816-513-1918.

Biometric Screening (On-site):

  • Onsite Biometric Screening events will be offered at specific locations around the city and at all KCFD Battalions in May and June 2019. These events will be for employees (active employees that are the primary card holder on the City’s BCBS medical insurance) that have not yet completed the screening portion.
  •  A schedule of the onsite Biometric Screening events have been sent out and the       on-site event scheduler is now available on the BCBS portal in A Healthier You. Fountain of Health Staff will be at each onsite screening event to help with the HRA.  Again, you must have your BCBS username/password.

Questions? Please contact Jill Monroe at or 816-513-1918.

Choose to Lose: To receive a $50.00 gift card for Choose to Lose this year, you must be at or below your last year’s weight taken during the screenings. If you would like to know that weight, contact Jeanine Scrogum. For those that complete the Biometric Screening at their physician’s office, Health Care Trust Clinic or the Health Care Trust Kiosk, you will need to make an appointment with Jeanine Scrogum to compare your documented weight to last year’s and, if eligible, receive your gift card. You will only have one opportunity to weigh-in (no repeat weigh-ins).  

Questions? Please contact Jeanine Scrogum at or 816-513-1965.