The Truth About Sugar Addiction – New Class

Sugar, in moderate amounts, is essential to our body. As a carbohydrate, it helps supply you with the energy you need for your daily activities. All of your cells use it. But at the same time, sugar is also a calorie, and once it is in consumed in excess, negative effects to your health will follow. Massive sugar addiction can result in obesity, diabetes, heart damage or failure, cancer cell production, depletion of brain power, and shorter lifespans.

Fountain of Health is offering a new class: The Truth About Sugar Addiction. In this informative 30 to 40-minute session,  you’ll learn about the addictive properties of sugar, and how to reduce your dietary intake. 

Plan now to attend at one of these times/locations: 

  • 1/24/18 Wednesday  Noon Neighborhoods 4900 Swope 1st Floor Training Room
  • 1/30/18 Tuesday Noon City Hall  4th Floor Human Relations Conference Room
  • 1/31/18  Wednesday Noon 6750 Eastwood Trafficway KCFD Medical Bureau  1st Floor Conference Room
  • 1/31/18  Wednesday 7:30am Parks and Recreation  1301 Chouteau Avenue Break Room
  • 2/1/18   Thursday 7:00am Parks and Recreation 9th Street Break Room
  • 2/13/18  Tuesday Noon Aviation 601 Brasilia  First Floor Conference Room
  • 2/14/18  Wednesday Noon Water Admin.  4800 63rd Street  Brush Creek Conference Room
  • 2/15/18  Thursday Health Dept. 2400 Troost  2pm  Sam B Conference Room
  • 2/20/18  Tuesday  Public Works 4721 Coalmine Road  3pm  Training Room
  • 2/21/18   Wednesday Public Works 5300 Municipal Ave.  3pm. Training Room
  • 2/21/18  Wednesday Public Works 2400 Russell Road  7:30 am Break Room
  • 4/3/18, Tuesday 3 p.m., Coalmine Road
  • 4/4/18, Wednesday 7:30 a.m., Russell Road
  • 4/4/18, Wednesday, 3 p.m., Municipal Avenue

Please join us!

For additional information, please contact or phone: 816-513-1963